Knee Deep in a Cluster Fuck: My Visit to Wal Mart

A Word of Advise: If you don’t like the word FUCK, please don’t read this entry. You can fuck off, instead.

I hate going to Wal Mart. This is not really Wal Mart’s fault, not directly anyway. (Unless you count the fact they’ve driven everyone else out of business with their sweatshop’s and foreign goods passed off as “American Made.”

Yeah, SOUTH American Made, as in a sweatshop somewhere.)

But I digress.

No, the cluster fuck happens daily in the parking lot. I don’t know what it is about people when they get into a Wal Mart parking lot, but they loose what little minds they have. They go nuts to get a close parking spot so they don’t have to *gasp* WALK to the front door.

Then, once they get in the store, they wander around like lost little sheep looking at the imported trash they just have to have to satisfy their materialistic cravings. Life in a “Gimmie Gimmie” Culture.


So, we get into the store, right? And I’m getting a basket for our substandard shit we’re about to buy, when this female, cause she was no lady, squeezes around us and between the knot of people standing in the doorway TALKING for no reason. Normally, her actions wouldn’t have bothered me, and I would’ve been happy to give her what space she needed to get by, except she put her hand in front of my buggy like I was going to hit her!

Did she not think I could see her? I mean, what the FUCK, bitch?!?

Another incident happened when we went to the ladies section for items my wife needed. I was leaning on the basket, just having finished a phone call to a friend, when I noticed my wife had stepped over to the next aisle. No problem, right? None, except the woman who was giving me the hardest stare, I guess for daring to be in the ladies department. Sure I was standing on an underwear aisle, a package of ladies underwear clearly visible in the child seat, (you know, where mothers put their little shit factories when they shop), area of my cart, sitting along side my wife’s purse.

Maybe the bitch thought it was my purse and the panties were mine. Or maybe she was just a bitch. Who knows?

But I’m betting she’s just a bitch. She can fuck off, too.

And the kids! OH MY FUCKING GOD! Can you not control your banshee status symbols for five fucking minutes?!? Letting your 18-year sexually transmitted diseases run around Wal Mart screaming at the tops of their lungs is not a baby-sitting activity!


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6 Responses to Knee Deep in a Cluster Fuck: My Visit to Wal Mart

  1. Scathach says:

    I don’t know what to say to this, but my head’s been nodding like a bobble head while I read it. Is the Wal Mart you went to a regular one or a Super Wal Mart? I find that kind of stuff goes on a lot more at the Super Wal Mart nearest my house. Which is why I avoid it like the plague.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    It’s a super. I think these experiences are universal for everyone who’s ever set foot in a Wal Mart, honestly.


  3. Scathach says:

    Y’know now every time I go to Walmart I think of you… LOL


  4. Rast says:

    WG, you are correct. Those of us raised with respect towards our fellow man loathe going to Walmart because of all those who have no respect for anything. I avoid Walocaust like the plague.


  5. WonderGoon says:

    “Walocaust!” I love it. I’m going to have to remember that one.

    You hit on an excellent point here. It all comes down to respect. I have truly seen that people have no respect for anyone but themselves, and some don’t have any of that either. People are so busy doing whatever, that they can’t stop for three seconds to think of anyone but themselves.

    It’s a shame, really, that we’ve gotten to this point. As a society, I mean. The decadence and excesses have been allowed to consume us.

    Standing in doorways oblivious to their surroundings are just symptoms of a greater problem. The decline of American society has a much more insidious root.

    I’m going to think on this and write more on this topic in the future. Thanks for stopping by.



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