Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes!

I am feeling very ambivalent towards the world right now. I’ve got major financial troubles heading my way. Okay, so there already here. I’ve got major depression issues and my thoughts are, once again, running to that “special place” wherein the future seems to grow.

I realize this is vague. It is deliberately so, for security reasons.

I am trying to sort my thoughts as I write this, fearing I shall never do so. My thoughts bend towards making a change, but the direction of the change, and its eventual outcome, are unknown. Perhaps, were I to meditate as I wish to do, I could divine the solution to the troubles in my soul.

There is but one course, as I see it, and it is one I have been meaning to take for sometime now.

Perhaps it is time to grasp the future. To live as I have always wanted to live. No more hiding! No more fear! No more listening to those whose only purpose is to drag you away from your dreams! They are irrelevant!

To live free and embrace the oncoming storm. To wrestle the obstacles to the ground, choking the life from them, and making them impotent against my will.

I am the forger of my destiny. It is I who holds the nugget of change within my grasp.

I’m going to go for it, so watch this space for updates.

The Wheel Turns.

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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