The Courage of Those Willing to Stand Together

Here’s a video of a group of Muslims, and one self-identified Conservative Christian who stood up to a couple of racist hate mongers outside a McCain/Palin rally. I applaud the courage of these Americas to stand up and shout down the racist elements in Senator McCain’s campaign.

If everyone in America stood up and shouted down the racists, what a country we could be.

Here’s a link to the video:

ANP Video

The sad part of this story (beyond the race hatred and fear mongering) is, one of the gentlemen in the video, Daniel Zubairi, a Muslim who works for the McCain campaign, was scheduled to talk with CNN’s Rick Sanchez via a telephone interview. Someone at the McCain campaign made the decision to pull Mr. Zubairi off the interview for unknown reasons.

I just have to wonder why the McCain campaign would deliberately avoid a chance to clear the air regarding these racists comments. What are they trying to do?

It makes you wonder, or, if it doesn’t, it should.

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