Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” on Sarah Palin

Watch this video called: Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” on Sarah Palin Video. It’s hosted at The Huffington Post.

Kinda makes you think.

I hope.

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5 Responses to Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” on Sarah Palin

  1. Kasey says:

    I know the purpose of sharing this video wasn’t to focus on the 90-year-old in Arkansas who shot herself, but it just makes me want to cry. It’s horrible that what the government AND all of the big bankers – big EVERYTHING (oil, cars, health insurance, etc.) – have taken over running this country and people resort to this measure when no real help is given. *sigh*

    As for the rest of it, about Palin, it doesn’t surprise me.


  2. Kasey says:

    WordPress ate my comment. 😦


  3. WonderGoon says:

    I’m sorry, Kasey. Was there a link in it? I think I have it set up where links are held for moderation, so I can review them for spam. Let me check. . . .


  4. WonderGoon says:

    Yep. There it is. I don’t know why it was marked as spam though. Sorry about that.


  5. Kasey says:

    S’okay. *kicks WordPress for good measure* :oP


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