Musical Interlude: Metallica’s “One” from “And Justice for All”

One of my favorite Metallica songs, this video has scenes from 1971’s “Johnny Got his Gun” starring Jason Robards.

The video asks several in depth social questions, not the least of which is if someone is as cuttoff from the world as Johnny, when is it okay to release them from their pain? A question echoed years later with the Terry Schiavo case.

This goes back, also, to the argument of when it is it acceptable to regulate morality (if ever)? An argument that dates back to dawn of homo habilis some 2.2 million years during the Lower Paleolithic epoch and continues to this day amongst homo sapiens today. (Modern Man (homo sapiens) arose some 200,000 years ago during the Middle Paleolithic epoch).

Can this question be easily answered in a short blog post? No. It’s a complex issue and one many people feel strongly about. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am betting neither does anyone else.

My personal opinion is that no governmental body should regulate morality beyond what is necessary for the society to function. Basic laws, like no killing, no sex with children, no sex with animals, are, if you’ll excuse the vulgar argot, a no-brainer.

Other laws, however, that seek to regulate who someone marries are beyond the scope of government and should not be enacted, especially when those laws are based on religious dogma (of any stripe).

Religion is for the temple/synagogue/mosque/grove/grotto/church, not the house of government.

Your mileage may vary.

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