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Happy Samhain

It’s Samhain, (pronounced sow wan), the Celtic New Year, as well as, (some say), the Witches New Year. I hope everyone has a great time celebrating the festivities and is safe while doing so. Brightest Blessings in the coming year … Continue reading

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Les Misbarack an homage to Les Miserables

This is for anyone who’s a fan of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I found this on Geek USA‘s blog. Here’s the Video: The folks that put this together are from Ultimate Improv, so go check out their other stuff.

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I want to offer my apologies for missing a few days updating my blog. I’ve been busy with life stuff, as I am sure you have been as well. I will try to update at least once a day from … Continue reading

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What California’s Propositon 8 will mean for America

By now you’ve probably heard about California’s Proposition 8. If you haven’t, its a vote to enact a Constitutional ban on Gay Marriage. If this measure is passed, millions of Gay Americans will have rights stripped from them. Reread that … Continue reading

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The Courage of Those Willing to Stand Together

Here’s a video of a group of Muslims, and one self-identified Conservative Christian who stood up to a couple of racist hate mongers outside a McCain/Palin rally. I applaud the courage of these Americas to stand up and shout down … Continue reading

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I Voted Today; You Should Too

I exercised my civic duty today and voted. I took advantage of the early voting process. I urge you to do the same and vote for the candidate you feel is best suited to the job.

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What if Palin is Elected President?

Okay, the full title should read “What if Palin is Elected Vice President, then John McCain Dies in Office?” but all that wouldn’t fit. At any rate, here’s a flash animation site which deals with this very topic. I don’t … Continue reading

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No Update Today

Just don’t have my muse today, so you are hereby spared my long-winded diatribe.

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Poll: Which Comic Book Movie was Better?

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The Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment, Part Two

How many times have you heard the term: “Truth is relative?” If you’re like me, you’ve heard it many times. I think it’s one of those sayings that people use, but really don’t think about. I mean, really think about. … Continue reading

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