Some Interesting Web Finds

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

The above link is to a site that deals with the religious tenor of American life. It features an in depth overview of the two major party candidates for President, as well as their respective VP choices. Anyone who has an interest in American politics, or the state of religion in America should look at the site.

Christians: No One Path to Salvation

A Time Magazine article about the changing face of Christianity and what it means for the faith. (I’m particularly interested in the opinions of any Christians who read this blog on how they feel about it and if they see these changes themselves.)

America’s Unfaithful Faithful

An article about a poll done by the Pew Forum (see first link) and the surprising results thereof.

The American Exception

An excellent article that clearly illustrates the state of Islam in the US. (Hint: It’s not as big as certain fear mongers in the media would have you believe.)

Feedback and opinions are always welcome.

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