Solar Powered Street Lights in Baghdad; Where’s Ours?

Solar Streetlights Come To Baghdad

The above link is to an National Public Radio news story. Give it a listen, if you will. When I was listening to this, I couldn’t help but think, “If a war torn country like Iraq can have solar powered streetlights, why can’t we?”

According to the report, the typical Iraqi home has electrical power for one hour, then it’s off for seven hours. (Imagine living like that, America!) The solar lights help with security at night, and that’s great.

But I still have to wonder, where are America’s solar powered streetlights? If a country with a shattered infrastructure can prosper enough to have these energy saving devices, why can’t the richest country on the planet have them?

Oh yeah. I remember now. Because corporations don’t want us to move away from something they can make money on. It’s the entire reason why there is so much resistance to new, green energy sources and technologies. The fat want to stay fat, and they will do whatever they can to keep the monopoly on their side of the fence.

I think I live in the most ignorant country on the planet.

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