Coupons for Bicycles: If It’s Good Enough for Cable Television. . . .

We’ve all heard by now, I should think, that in February 2009, analog TV’s won’t receive broadcasts anymore (They’re all going digital). Well, the government is giving out coupons so you can get a free box which would allow you to get the digital signal. This got me thinking, if the government is giving out coupons for digital TV boxes so we can all watch TV, why don’t they give out coupons so everyone can ride bicycles?

If everyone rode bicycles, there would be no emissions going into the atmosphere. It wouldn’t cost us anything to fill up our gas tanks and we would become healthier.

The only drawback I see is people won’t drive bikes, for a variety of reasons. Distance from home to work is too great is probably the biggest one, but excuses like “I don’t know how to ride,” are just that: excuses. You can learn to ride. You can learn to do anything. It’s whether or not you’ve got the incentive to do it. That’s the question.

Imagine if half the US population, (half the US population is 150 million people), started riding bicycles everywhere they went. It would change our culture. This would probably happen in urban areas first, given the distances, with Rural America sticking to autos. But slowly, things would change. The air would be cleaner, the gas prices would be lower, Global Warming would be slowed down (perhaps not a lot, but some), and America would shed pounds.

All it would take is a coupon.

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