Electric Cars in Nepal. Why Not America?

NOTE: After the hubbub the last two posts caused, I thought I’d go with something a little different here. Enjoy!

Electic Car Video

Found this video on CNN.com.

If the Nepalese can use electric cars, why can’t Americans wean themselves off of fossil fuels? Electric cars would significantly lower emissions and provide a cleaner breathing experience. There’s nothing but good that can come from these vehicles.

It’s time to stop using oil (especially oil bought with the blood of our young) and start using cleaner energy. Electric cars are a good choice until the hydrogen cars are ready.

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2 Responses to Electric Cars in Nepal. Why Not America?

  1. Why don’t we just say no to buying new fossil fuelled factory finished cars.

    Surely, the car companies would then take action to produce cars we actually want to buy that don’t destroy the planet?


  2. WonderGoon says:

    That would be one thing we could do. By using the one “voice” Americas have that corporations listen to, our wallets, we can drive this country in a new direction. If everyone stopped buying SUVs, for example, and started buying hybrids, sure the major car manufacturers would listen.

    The problem, though, is there are too many people who love driving their SUV’s around, because they look good. They enjoy their status symbol too much not realizing, or caring, they are making the environment worse and maintaining high gas prices. Supply and demand, you know.

    Another option is to buy bicycles. Bicycles are more efficient anyway, and you get your exercise in as well. The only problem with bikes, though, is distance.

    Good comment, thanks.



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