On Rights

On Rights

It is illegal to commit suicide in this country. This begs the question: Who owns my life? Is it me, or the government?

If I am the owner of my life, then it is my choice to commit suicide if I so choose. Regardless of the moral implications of the act, the everlasting damnation some people believe in, or the ethical ramifications; if I am the owner of my existence, then I have the right to choose when to die and in what manner.

In a sense, I have a limited right to this already: I am of legal age to purchase cigarettes. So I can purchase my favorite brand of smokes, light up and slowly kill myself with lung cancer or emphysema, or whatever else the Evil Nasty Cigarettes are supposed to do to you.

(Aside: I don’t hate smokers or cigarettes. I’ve been known to puff a Lucky Strike (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco) on occasion.)

However, the right to slowly poison myself ends with tobacco and alcohol. (I don’t drink, but I have the legal right to, if I wished, except on Sunday, when the Christian God is watching.) It is, however, illegal for me to kill myself in any other way. This seems odd to me, considering the fact that I am not the property of the United States Government.

After all, if the government can make a law stating that I can’t kill myself, then they are, in effect, making a claim on my life as their property. Thus, they are making an illegal claim, as it is illegal to own another human being. Click this link to read the Constitution of the United States: http://www.archives.gov/national-archives-experience/charters/constitution.html to find out more. This claim to illegal action relates to the abolishment of slavery.

And I think this law forbidding me to kill myself is an act of slavery.

My life is my own. It belongs to me. It’s mine to do with as I please. No governmental agency, operative, or representative, elected official, senator, judge, law enforcer, or president has the right to tell me what to do with it.

I hold this truth to be self evident.

It’s 12:00 AM. Do you know where your meat is?

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