The Unfolding Revelation of Enlightenment, Part One

I was looking over another of my blogs ( and found a link to a quiz, you know a meme that you add to blogs to make yourself feel better. This one was “What kind of Pagan are you?” and while I don’t normally go for such things, I thought ‘what the hell?’ and tried it.

I don’t know much in the world, but I do know that there is Divinity and Unfolding Revelation which leads us to exactly where we can do the most good or where there is a lesson which needs to be learned. In this case, it was a lesson.

I’ve been struggling for a long while with defining just what it is I believe in, if anything. I’ve, slowly, come to the conclusion that Buddhism is a path I should explore more fully. That said, however, I also felt a pull towards a form of Paganism, which to this point has eluded any classification.

When the meme came back as 75% for both Eastern Paganism and Shamanistic Paganism (Eclectic Paganism scored 70%) I felt a cosmic “snap” and things jumped quickly into focus.

Not knowing a lot about Eastern Paganism, I turned to Google and typed in “Eastern Paganism.” Sifting through the morrass of links, I found the following essay written by one Sam Webster: An excellent article about the parrallells of Eastern thought (particularly Buddhism) and Neo-Paganism.

When I read this article, I felt another “snap” as if another piece of the puzzle has been fitted into place. Much contemplation is needed to find the particulars of this Path. I am, however, ready to meet these challenges and gain a greater insight into the Unfolding Mysteries.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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  1. wondergoon says:

    Instead of editing this entry, I wrote a new page, which you can find at the top of the main page. It’s called On Paganism and more accurately details my spiritual journey to this point. I also suggest reading my very popular At the Crossroads of Infinity series, which you can find in my Archives.


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