Sarah Palin: Republican Pawn

It’s too bad that Sarah Palin has become nothing more than a Republican pawn to retain the White House. Her selection as a vice presidential candidate is nothing more than a last ditch ploy by John McCain to attract voters to an otherwise failing campaign.

McCain’s blundering will cost him the White House and the Republicans a lot of credibility that will come back to haunt them in the future.

Of course, the Alaskan Governor has problems of her own. With headlines raging about how her child is her grandchild, thus implying she’s older than she has reported, (is she a shortstop from the Dominican Republic all of the sudden?), her daughter’s unwed pregnancy, and, of course, her stances on abortion and religion.

I wonder, if a McCain/Palin ticket is elected to the White House, will these questions will ever truly disappear? The answer is, yes, of course, but this has more to do with the short attention spans of the American people, than any spin control the Republicans have. In fact, it’s what they are counting on to get McCain elected in the first place. After all, President Bush has been quiet these past few weeks, perhaps knowing instinctively that his poor grasp of his mother tongue would harm his lackey.

In the end, what religion Sarah Palin is, or why her daughter is not wed, or how old she is, or if she’s hot or not, is all irrelevant. I don’t feel the Republicans have a chance to win this year, simply because President Bush has handled his personal Crusade (i.e.- The War on Terror) in a poor fashion.

The Democrats can’t help but win. Barack Obama simply needs to choose his words carefully and appeal to as many people as possible, and forget race, religion, or sexual orientation. He has to appeal to AMERICANS who are fed up with lies, deceit, and war profiteering.

Of course, whomever wins this election will be in the pocket of Big Oil. That’s an open secret. It’s too bad the American people don’t have the courage to stand up and change their government for good.

So long Sarah Palin. We barely knew ye.

Thank the Gods.

DISCLAIMER: The statements made in the preceding blog entry are protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (regardless of what the USA Patriot Act says.)

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