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Congress Fails to pass $700 Billion Bailout

Please note, that I am not an accountant or economic expert. I am just offering an outsiders view of what could happen if we consider all alternatives. Shock vote in Congress ripples across White House race As I am sure … Continue reading

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A Message from John Cusack and

Can you tell them apart? Cause I can’t! Democracy in Action

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Build Your Own Logo

Check out this website. If you’re into graphics and logo’s this is a must see for you: Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator Here’s the logo I created for this blog: Neat, eh? Now I just have to figure out … Continue reading

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Musical Interlude: Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” from their “S&M” album. Enjoy!

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Some Interesting Web Finds

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life The above link is to a site that deals with the religious tenor of American life. It features an in depth overview of the two major party candidates for President, as well as … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Pastor Advocates Witchhunts and Violence

For anyone who doesn’t dehumanize their enemies, this video may be hard to watch. This one is apparently a Power Point presentation given by Pastor Muthee explaining his views. He calls for Christians to become more violent. Pretty horrible for … Continue reading

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What about everyone else?

Bush asking for $700B bailout If the US government is going to practice fiscal version of The Lone Ranger and save failing banks, why don’t they practice the same “Lone Ranger politics” and save everyday Americans from the same form … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Street Lights in Baghdad; Where’s Ours?

Solar Streetlights Come To Baghdad The above link is to an National Public Radio news story. Give it a listen, if you will. When I was listening to this, I couldn’t help but think, “If a war torn country like … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: Reforming Washington Video

This is a rather long speech in Green Bay by Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama. It weighs in at 22 minutes and 12 seconds, but stay with it. It’s a good message.

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Floating Wind Powered Turbines: An Energy Solution?

We are facing a serious challenge in this country. We need to find real solutions to our energy problems. If wind turbines are one option, then the technology must be brought to bear with all of our collective devotion and ingenuity. If we are to solve this energy crisis, wind turbines must be placed where they do the most good. Continue reading

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