WonderGoon to Publish Book of Blog Entries

GEORGIA- Plans are in the works for a published book of blog entries from The House of Goonery. “What this would entail, is a listing of all entries ever made in this blog, preferably with the comments as posted by the readership, included to give a grounding to the book,” says WonderGoon who was interviewed by WonderGoon. “There would also be additional material not available anywhere else; stuff written exclusively for the book.”

“I think it would be a great thing to pass on to future generations,” said Goon, who’s best known for his unflappable,* goofy sense of humor.

Once plans are finalized, the book would be available through his online store at CafePress.com. “When the store will be up is still open to debate. Once this is complete, then the book would be available shortly thereafter.”

The price of the book, as well as the format have yet to be completed. There will be updates as they occur, so watch this space for announcements.

WonderGoon contributed to this report.

*According to Shaitan.

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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