Awareness and Courtesy, The Lost Arts of the Americans

So I was shopping in my local Piggly Wiggly. Don’t laugh, that’s the name of the store. For those that don’t know, Piggly Wiggly is a chain of grocery stores that stretch from Texas to the Carolina’s. I know they are in the South; not sure of other parts of the country, though.

At any rate, I was at the Pig, (as my wife and I refer to it), when, as we were leaving, a young woman nearly ran me over because she was talking over her shoulder and not paying any attention to who was in front of her.

Now to her credit, she apologized to me for her blunder. But I was so close to her, that I almost kissed her. Literally kissedher. I think it would’ve been painful, however, since she was walking rather quickly.

Earlier to this incident, we were in the Movie Gallery (which is next door in the same strip mall) when a man walked in to return some movies. He dropped them into the return slot and, glancing around, seemed to look over the interior of the store and promptly left. Not unusual; I’ve done it myself hundreds of times.

However, he was, I thought, discourteous, when he walked in, the woman working the counter greeted him with a hearty, “Welcome to Movie Gallery.”, which was, after all, her job. His response was, “Doing great.”

He didn’t even hear her! And he didn’t know how to, or even want to, correct the situation. She could’ve said, “I’m going to kill you!” and he would’ve said “Just looking thanks!”

When did we loose our attention spans and our ability to pay attention to our surroundings? Why is it so hard for normal, everyday Americans to concentrate on what’s going on around them and to actually talk to the person speaking to them instead of at them?

Are we just that busy that we can’t pay attention? Or have we always been this way and I’ve just now noticed?

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