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Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes is one of the best online comics (webcomics) around. The creators, Tarol Hunt (writer/artist) and Danielle Stephens (colors/editing/moral support) are a fantastic creative team who bring to life the adventures of the Goblins.

“Goblins” is about a group of five goglins who are engaged in an adventuring party. (Think D&D, but with goblins as player characters instead of the normal humans/elves/dwarves etcetera). The comic is violent, so those who prefer non-violence and no blood in their comics should probably look elsewhere (or tough it out; it’s worth it.)

The art is superb and lends itself very well to the theme and pacing of the story. Mr. Hunt’s art is a refreshing change from the often horrible art that “graces” many other webcomics. Like a lot of webcomics, the early strips of “Goblins” is somewhat rougher than the current strips. Done before Danielle Stephens came on board as Colorist, they are in black and white. This is no way detracts from the story, however.

“Goblins” has a wry wit that, while somewhat stiff in the earlier strips, has “grown up.” Almost like a person who has become comfortable with his job, Mr. Hunt has come into his own as an online artist. The quality of “Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes” reflects that.

Mr. Hunt and Ms. Stephens should both quit their day jobs and work on Goblins full time.

What else can I say about Goblins? It’s excellent. You owe it to yourself to check it out. I will be reading the adventures of Dies Horribly, Fumbles, One Eye, Big Ears, Chief, Thac0, Complains-of-Names, and all the other characters (there is a large supporting cast), hopefully for many years to come.

The comic often breaks the fourth wall, in that the characters know they are adventurers in a Dungeons and Dragons game. They make references to game mechanics, like feats the characters possess (something the characters would not know), their levels (most are about 3rd level in the current story), and magical bonuses on weapons (sword +1) that sort of thing.

At times this is funny and lends itself well to the story. Other times it detracts from the story and breaks the flow of the carefully crafted tale that Mr. Hunt has so expertly crafted. If “Goblins” took itself slightly more serious, it would be an even better comic than it is.

Overall I would not hesitate to give “Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes” four and a half Goons (out of five) and highly encourage you to give this excellent webcomic a read.


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