Video You Need to See

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Thought I should pass this on. Thanks to Aeroh for posting it in the GLBT Forum on Pagan Nation.

I agree with Ellen when she says check out who you are voting for and if you don’t like what they have to say, change your vote! It’s YOUR voice, let it ring out and empower you.

It’s time to get off your ass, put down the remote control, turn off the TV reality shows, and change your country for the better. Don’t count on those who you don’t trust (and just bitch about behind their backs), to do it for you; they won’t! If you want positive change, then VOTE!

Follow one of these links (or better, ALL OF THEM) and find a canidate that you can agree with:

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John McCain

Freedom or slavery. Your choice.

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1 Response to Video You Need to See

  1. MajorTal says:

    “Freedom or Slavery”? Why must I choose! Why can’t it be both?:D And then the next most pertitent thought is “There’s a Dutch person on the ballot?”


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