A Day of Old Friends

Today I spoke with two old friends I’ve not seen in several years. The first friend called me to tell me about a new online RPG called Champions Online (Champions Online). I’ve played Champions as a pen and paper RPG for many years now, so I am quite excited to be able to play it online, as well.

This same friend has advanced Crohn’s Disease. He was recently in the hospital for the removal of his colon. So now he has a section of his intestines hanging out of his stomach. He does appear to be in good spirits, though, as he can joke when he said “My ass is purely decorative now.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the comment.

My second friend sent me an IM and we chatted for a time. He’s doing well and is looking forward to early retirement. He’s nowhere near early retirement; he’s just looking forward to it.

That was my day. Pretty standard, really. Nothing to out of the ordinary. For those keeping up with my move, things are still being packed. I have a lot of stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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