At the Crossroads of Infinity: Coven or Solitary? What’s Right for You?

This is the fifth of a series of entries dealing with my growing spirituality. These posts are designed with a “evolving thoughts” theme, meaning I am using this space to get my thoughts in order and come up with a solid foundation to stand on for my continued spiritual development. What I say here will change and will do so without notice or apology.

In this installment of the wildley popular (yeah, right!) Crossroads Series, I will share my thoughts on the Coven vs Solitary argument.

One may gleen from my previous posts in this series that I am not a member of a coven. This is true. One may also gleen that I do not like covens, this is also true, as I think of covens as organizations, like established Christian churches, who practice in a way that I do not. I have little patience or respect for organized religon.

Please notice I said “in a way I do not.” I am not, in any way, defaming or making derogetory statements about covens or those who are members of them, I am simply stating that I prefer to not participate in the coven atmosphere.

My reasoning is simple: I prefer a worship session which is private, as I feel that religon is a deeply personal experience, so much so that I do not share it with anyone else. Not even my wife, to a large degree, though we speak about religous topics, rituals, etcetera, we rarely, if ever (in fact only once have we) done a ritual together.

I am simply uncomfortable with the concept of sharing my religous experience with others. For me, this is an honest assessment of my personal situation. For you, it may very well be different.

The whole argument comes down to this: If YOU want to be a member of a coven, then find one you are comfortable with and that you get along with, and join up. If not, don’t. Simple.

This argument closely resembles, and is connected to, the argument of what is a “real” (fill in the blank). I’ve heard it said that if you were not initiated by a Wiccan who can trace her lineage straight back to Gerald Gardner then you are not a “real” Wiccan. I’ve also heard it said that if you are not initiated into an established Tradition, then you are not a “real” Wiccan.


The path of a solitary is meant to be one of true self discovery. Its a path frought with challenge, that only the most strong-willed of practioners should undertake. You are literally out there on the pointy end making stuff up as you go, or learning form others in the form of books.

What about when the books run out or if you don’t agree with them? What then? Do you make it up? Will you recieve messages “from on high,” as if the Gods of Old are talking to you and no other? Or do you just fumble along like everyone else?

I fumble. I can admit that because I am honest with myself. Maybe that’s the true lesson in any belief system. Honesty with oneself. “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” -William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet.

This is what you must be; true to yourself. Chose what is best for you and follow it to its logical conclusion. Everything else will come out in the wash.

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2 Responses to At the Crossroads of Infinity: Coven or Solitary? What’s Right for You?

  1. spikeq1love says:

    Hey there Goon,

    I also am Solitary. And it looks like (unless a miracle occurs) I will stay that way. I prefer it.

    So, write on!


  2. MajorTal says:

    Been in and out of covens. Been average covener, and HPS. Been to the altar of several different Pantheons. But to me the hardest coven experience is that of my family. I hope to not make my own children feel the “needs” that I felt growing-up within my own family. But then again, being in a family coven is sometimes like being a solitary…..especially if you live in another country like I do now.:(


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