Padme, Big Nose, Big Heart

Big Nose Padme

This is my Border Collie, Padme. She is one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. Own. I don’t think of her as a pet. She’s more of a companion for me. I treat her like a member of the family (she sleeps on the bed with me some nights) and, I think, she eats better than I do, at times.

Her favorite activity is to grab a tennis ball in her mouth and throw it at me, usually to wake me up. She’s soon to be five years old. My Wife found her behind our local Office Depot along with several of her litter mates (who were all short-haired; she was the only long-haired one in the bunch.) We felt it was Fate that led her to us, so we took her in. We’ve had absolutely no regrets since then.

Anyway, I wanted to try to upload a picture, so this post is an attempt at doing just that.


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3 Responses to Padme, Big Nose, Big Heart

  1. gina says:

    AWW!, she is too sweet!, would love to get a dog, but this place is just too small and with Mike and myself both working..and with the move on Mar 1st..(bigger apartment) we are gonna wait awhile..did I tell you what Sabbath left a present on my pillow last week?..I awoke to find my nasty work sock stretched out neatly on my pillow next to my head..ugh!


  2. A.J. Drew says:

    I am with Gina on this one, only I live with two in a place that is way too small. We have one of those yappy little dogs and then puppy, an aging blind, deaf, athritic critter I found in the middle of the road.

    I think adopted muts make for the best friends, human and otherwise. You guys have good hearts for taking the critter in and I am sure she will thank you a million times over with that tenis ball.


  3. WonderGoon says:

    Gina, AJ, thank you for the comments. We have three animal companions in addition to Padme. Fiona we got at the animal shelter just hours after she was brought in from a thunderstorm. Her entire litter was there (eight puppies). (I’ll post a pic of her later).

    A cat named Offramp we found on the side of an offramp (thus his name). He was dodging SUV tires and walking on blistering hot asphalt. I opened the door of the car, he looked up at me, meowed and I picked him up and we took him home. He’s been with us since. I can’t imagine my life with out him now.

    Liath (pronounced Lee Ah) my Wife got from her bothers house. She would’ve been a outside cat is she hadn’t taken her in. She’s fussy, but she’s a good kitty, all the same.

    We used to have a Min Pin named Lexi, but she died from diabeties and pancratitis on 7 February 2007. My Wife rescued her from a woman who as a shut in. She would throw food on the floor and Lexi and several other dogs would have to fight for it or go hungry. When food was placed down, Lexi would eat everything she could, thus, she gained a lot of weight. She also ate cat food. This overeating led to the diabeties.

    We tried to regulate her diet, but we were not terribly successful. We had four good years with Lexi before she died.

    Such losses tear my soul apart, but it would be even more shredded were I not there to pick up kittens off the side of the road. Or to take care of neglected Min Pins.

    Anyway, thanks for posting.


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