If you’ve read any of my blogs for any length of time, you probably noticed I read a lot of web comics. I do enjoy reading them, mainly because they are free and it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon when no ones home to make me do other things.

Here’s a list of the web comics I most enjoy or just found. Please, if you enjoy good artwork and good storytelling, please check out these comics. The folks that put them together spend a lot of time and effort doing it.

Bruno the Bandit The tale of Bruno, a not altogether intelligent bandit who’s side kick is a smart mouthed dragon. Entertaining read.

Sluggy Freelance One of the most popular web comics being produced today. It has enjoyed a long run and is filled with classic stories. The consummate web comic, in my view.

Dungeon Crawl, Inc. The tale of a not so bright group of adventurers and the misadventures that result from their blundering about the Forgotten Realms. Based loosely on the Baldur’s Gate series of games from Black Isle Studios and Interplay. Lots of D&D jokes and references. Very funny.

Exiern The story of a male barbarian turned female. I just found this one today and have not read too much of it. It does have good artwork and an interesting story.

Wayfarer’s Moon An excellent comic which I just found today. I’ve already caught up on the story (only 79 pages, as of this writing). The story focuses on two young women, Lily and Iri and their efforts to overthrow a mad Baron who’s trying to usurp power from the king. Well written with excellent art. Highly recommended.

Those are the comics I enjoy. Please check them out if you are interested.


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