Forums Are Up

AJ Drew has been working tirelessly to create and expand the blog features here on Pagan Nation. Thanks, AJ!

He’s recently added a forum system to each of our blogs and I’ve taken the opportunity to add one here. You can find the link to them on the left side of the screen under Pages. Please feel free to post to them and discuss whatever you wish. I’ve created two forums already; one for gaming related discussions and one for those who’ve got something to sell.

Solicitors (that’s you if you are coming here selling something) please go to the forum entitled Solicitations and leave your URL there. And follow the rules while your here. I have zero compuctions about deleting your links if you don’t follow my rules. If you can read English, you can follow those rules.

Anyway, check them out. I hope they will help this blog grow and people will enjoy coming here to read my writings. I will, of course, need your help with that. If something I’ve written offends you, or makes you smile, or moves you to express your opinion, please, please leave a comment for me. I am always open to talking about whatever comes to mind with just about anyone.

All are welcome to the House of Goonery.

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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5 Responses to Forums Are Up

  1. A.J. Drew says:

    I don’t think I said tirelessly. I am always tired. This theme looks good. But you are right, that banner needs changed.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Yeah, but if I say “tirelessly” it reflects your dedication to the site. As to the theme, I love it. It looks profesional. But I agree about the banner.

    Thanks for posting.


  3. A.J. Drew says:

    Well I think that if and when I try to hack up some themes, I am going to start with something much much easier than this one.

    I like the way you worked in feeds.


  4. A.J. Drew says:

    After thought: Maybe I should hack banners out of the themes. That would be easy.


  5. WonderGoon says:

    On the feeds; thanks. As to hacking out banners, I wish I could help you, but I simply don’t have the technical know how to do it.

    I’ll test it for you, though.

    As always, thanks for commenting.


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