Anger and Negativity

There is a lot of anger and negativity on Pagan Nation lately. A lot of He Said/She Said posts going back and forth. All of it, apparently stemming from a difference of opinion, which are neither right nor wrong last I checked.

I hope things work out soon and the rift in friendships can be healed, at least somewhat. I hate seeing long time friends having problems. Were it within my power to do so, I would stop the fighting and get all sides to see reason.

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and move on. I learned this lesson long ago, and I wish others would learn it too.

Prayers said and candles lit for peace on Pagan Nation.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to Anger and Negativity

  1. spikeq1love says:

    I’ve been writing a novel and so I haven’t been on the board lately at all. A quick peak today revealed remnants of things and I hope they shall remain in the past.

    I am sorry to hear that A.J. stepped down, not sure what it is about the not feeling well, best wishes for him and his family.

    Hello my board friend and I salute you for the spirit to continue onward in spite of whatever stuff went down.



  2. WonderGoon says:

    Hiya Spike! Long time, no see. Welcome back. Yeah, things on PN have been, I guess tense is a good word. Several wide ranging arguments led to several of the Mods stepping down and some hard words spoken all around.

    I hope all this harmful energy can be cleared out soon. It sucks.

    I love PN. I love coming here and talking with all the people on the boards, you know? When they get into it, I feel like I failed them in some fashion. I know there is no logical reason to feel that way, but there it is.

    Welcome back, again. I hope the novel is coming along as planned. May I ask what it is about? Or have you posted that in your blog and I just missed it?


  3. You haven’t failed anyone, WonderGoon. Your name might sound like a super-ero, but it doesn’t mean that you should try to perform the impossible.


  4. WonderGoon says:

    I know, Obsy. It’s just frustrating to see such things happen. I don’t like conflict.

    Ignore me. My thoughts are addled.


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