Thoughts of the Past

I was reading my old Live Journal blog just a few minutes ago (no, I’m not going to give you the link), and I was struck by the “primitiveness” of my posts. They dealt with purely “me” things; my forthcoming (at the time) wedding, my plans to attend Dragon*Con 2004, various sports scores, meme’s, and other stuff sprinkled throughout.

In light of recent events, (see The Olive Branch and MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *COUGH*COUGH* Oh, forget it. for more details), I managed to dig it out, along with the blogs of the two of the three friends I mentioned. Reading the details of their lives made me want to see them again.

I think, maybe, I shall go to see my friends again. If only to see how they are.

Yes. I think a visit is in order.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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