Requested Topic: Smurfology

In the topic “Looking for a Topic,” (Looking for a Topic) I asked for reader input on what I should write about next. I got two really great suggestions, one from Username79 and one from Jaden. This post will deal with the request from Username79.

Username asked some interesting questions about the Smurfs. These are:

Question One: Now, they’re already blue so if you choke one, what color would it turn?

Answer One: Assuming the Smurfs are native to a cold region, a logical conclusion based on their skin color (Note: Siberia is very cold), it would stand to reason their blood would also be a dark blue. This is, of course, conjecture based on the fact that no Smurf was ever shown to bleed in the cartoon (that I can recall.) Based on this conclusion, I would theorize they would turn a darker shade of blue upon a strangulation death, and for much the same reasons as you would find in humans.

Question Two: Also, since they all had such big feet in proportion to their bodies, does this carry the same inuendos as with humans?

Answer Two: Leaving out the socio-political metaphor for big feet (see the link below), I would assume this to be the case. The one to ask, however, would be Smurfette.

Question Three: Lastly, how did they reproduce since Smurfette was the only girl smurf?

Answer Three: This question is addressed in greater detail at this website: Socio-Political Smurfs. The short answer is the Smurfs reproduce once in a blue moon when Smurfette becomes fertile. This was actually mentioned in one episode of the Smurfs, though I don’t remember which episode it was.

I know it may seem a cop-out to redirect you to another site, but the person who wrote that article, Marc Schmidt, presented his ideas in a much more palatable fashion than could I.

Tommorow, I will address Jaden’s suggestion. If you want to make a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to leave me a comment with your suggestion. Or, you can send me an email at WonderGoon (at) breakthru (dot) com.


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2 Responses to Requested Topic: Smurfology

  1. username79 says:

    *Claps* Job well done. I’m thoroughly impressed.


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