New Blog Terms

Here’s a few blog terms those of us in the blogosphere should use. I will credit those whom I know created them or from whom I first heard them. If you know of anymore, please post them as comments. Thanks.

Blogshy: Created by WonderGoon. Meaning: The inability to post anything in your blog. Similar to Writers Block (q.v.), this affliction strikes everyone from time-to-time. Also similar to Poopshy (the inability to poop in public.)

Blog Clog: Created by Jodi_K. Meaning: Occurs when network traffic is heavy and you are unable to access yours or anothers’ blog.

Blog Hog: Created by: WonderGoon. Meaning: A person who takes over a blog and posts three or more times a day with meaningless drivel designed to fill space rather than offer anything meaningful to say. Also a person who posts in his blog to get their name at the top of the Latest Active Blogs list on Pagan Nation. (cough. cough.)


About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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5 Responses to New Blog Terms

  1. Jodi_K says:

    Yahhoooo! We like to have the same kinda fun, Goon!
    How about a Blooger…a blog that irritates the shit out of you ’til you pick it clean in reponse!?


  2. WonderGoon says:

    I love it!! Blooger is officially on the list!



  3. username79 says:

    Hey, being a blog hog is all I have! Lol how dare you take that away from me. Actually, my name is off the current list, I haven’t blogged in a bit.


  4. username79 says:

    Have now, and I even put in two entries for the day so that I could be up on the top!! Lol


  5. WonderGoon says:

    Not for long! 🙂


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