The Car that Runs on Air

I saw this on the History Channel and dug around until I found the website for it. I think I’ll buy one when they come out. I like the idea of a car with zero emmisions. Not only will it save me money for gas, but it will save me $25 bucks a year to get it tested.



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4 Responses to The Car that Runs on Air

  1. username79 says:

    If a blonde drives it, does that increase the air milage? Purely technical question of course.

    Username 🙂


  2. spikeq1love says:

    Ah I should like one of those aircars also.
    Cute little things.
    Just perfect for me and the dog.



  3. WonderGoon says:

    I like the little buggers. I’m seriously thinking of getting one when they become available in the US. I just like the idea of zero emmisions and basically free fuel.

    Spike, exactly! I can pile my Border Collie in it and off we go to the park for some serious drag-daddy-around-the-park fun.



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