Songs in my Head

I don’t know about you, but, I tend to have various songs rattle around in my head from time-to-time. The current one is “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen, from their album “It’s a Kind of Magic.” The song was used in the movie series “Highlnader” and in the TV show of the same name.

I also keep having random bits of “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Suncreen)” by Baz Lurhman. I just love this song.

Guess that’s all I wanted to say.


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8 Responses to Songs in my Head

  1. gina says:

    Lucky you..I usually get “Mr Sandman “or “Minnie the Moocher” or “I’ve got a lovely Bunch of Coconuts” from the show..lasy week I was dreaming of Ms Bell singing “The Man That Got Away” from Billy Holiday. I’d kill for Queen..LOL


  2. gina says:

    Those are the songs from the theatre I work at.


  3. WonderGoon says:

    “Mr. Sandman” I know. It was originally a 50’s era song, right? I forget who did it, though. The others are unknown to me.

    I have one of Queens Greatest Hits albums. That is some of the best music ever, in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for posting.


  4. gina says:

    The song was written by Pat Ballard and it was performed by the chordettes around 1954, You’re right, Queen Rocks!


  5. WonderGoon says:

    Thanks for the info on “Mr. Sandman.” My wife has a subscription to download music. I’m going to see if she can get me a copy of that one. I like that one. I also like “Earth Angel,” but I haven’t a clue who performed that one. I’ll see if she can find out.

    So what is your favorite Queen song?


  6. Mitja257 says:

    as far as minnie the moocher it was in the movie “Blues Brothers”.


  7. gina says:

    Earth Angel was performed by the penguins in 1954, the only reason I Know this is because I was helping out during the music recording of the follies 17. Minnie the Moocher,was performed by Cab Calloway. my fav song These Are The Days of Our Lives would be up there, along with ‘A Hammer to Fall’


  8. WonderGoon says:

    First, thanks for the info on “Earth Angel.” I’m going to get a copy of that song.

    “A Hammer to Fall” is a good one, but, hands down, my favorite Queen song is “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


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