Anger and Hostility

There is much anger and hostility in the community right now. Changes are coming to Pagan Nation. Some for the better, some, perhaps not so much. Were I to be poetic, I would say there is an ill wind blowing. Were I to be poetic.

I fear for this site. For what it may become, if not checked now. I do not wish to leave the site. I enjoy being a moderator and I enjoy the debates and the discussions. I even enjoy reading the banter (both the friendly and the not so friendly) between AJ and Ano. Sometimes I shake my head and laugh. Other times I cringe.

I feel like I just want to shout in everyones faces, “Hey! Look at what you’re doing! Can’t you see the harm you’re cuasing? Can’t you see the uncertainty, the chaos that’s spreading through your actions?” But, I keep my tongue. It is not my place to tell others how to run things. How to behave. They are the reasonable facimile of adults. They should know how to behave.

If I were to be gifted with the power to heal these rifts in our community, I would. I do not have that power. Thus, I accept what I cannot change. What is, is. I accept the suffering of Pagan Nation. I recognize its existence. And I asknowledge I can do nothing about it at this time.

Perhaps in the future. Perhaps not.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to Anger and Hostility

  1. gina says:

    Wonder, it is impossible to change another’s behaviour the only thing we change is our attitude and reaction to it..if we remain calm and rational in a sea of turmoil..eventually the sea itself does calm. I too look on in dismay lately. But I accept that I can not change the atmosphere on PN and I also accept that they are adults and will work their problems out for the best, in their own way


  2. WonderGoon says:

    I hope so. It may sound strange, but, it breaks my heart to see all the fighting and name calling on this site.

    Maybe things will blow over and we can get back to real conversations again.

    Thanks for posting.


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