Stream of Consciousness: Random Thoughts

NOTE: The following is stream of consciousness writing. I did this as an experiement to see what would float up to the surface, so please excuse the poor grammer. I left things as I initially wrote them.

I am growing pensive as I sit here thinking of things. I know the Universe has something in mind, if the Universe has a mind, per se, but I digress.

Things are moving ever forward and I feel as if I am drug along by my boot straps (if I had bootstraps, that is) and forced to participate in events which I don’t wish to participate in.

Building on past successes might not be a good thing, as there are few to build on so that is probably right out and is not worth doing anyway so why bother> it just makes for bad reading.

I am worried for my mother. she is coughing and I don’t knwo if it’s lung cancer or emphazima, but I don’t kike it one bit I don’t want to loose my mother, so I am scared. If anyone is of a mind of it, please pray for her.

gotta just let it out and let the thing do it thing sn be what its meant to be caus e it’s that way, you know. you know ,that way.

i can read my mind and see the future the way it wa meant to be seen. the deep dark of things that happen in the night are left for others to see and for those with a thing on the tv can do it too.


About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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