A Question of Suffering

What is, is.

There are things we cannot change. What is, is, and we cannot change it. Suffering exists. All suffering has a cause, whether it be from some external source, or internal. It is. It’s existence is unquestionable. To grow beyond it, we must accept it.

I suffer.

The cause of suffering is not always clear. It could be from a bad mood caused by a road rage incident, or a thoughtless clerk in some store. Someone might have tread on your foot while you were wearing flip-flops. Or maybe you ate something that gave you gas.

Whatever the cause, suffering exists. When we accept it, it no longer has power over us. We can see the cause of the suffering and move beyond it.

I suffer because I am unwell inside.

My mind is muddled. This is caused by a chemical imbalance (I assume) in my brain. Or, I am insane and simply don’t know it yet.

I can stop my suffering.

When I suffer, I am lost. I cannot focus, enjoy life, or see the beauty in the world around me. But, there is hope! I can move beyond my suffering. I can take control of my life and forge my own destiny.

Logic is the key.

A logical mind is the mind of the wise. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, someone once said. Wisdom is the antidote of ignorance, the cure for unhappiness, and the answer to the question.

I suffer.
I suffer because I am unhappy.
I can stop the suffering.
Wisdom and Logic are the key.

Now to find the door. . . .


About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to A Question of Suffering

  1. gina says:

    Wonder, You are not insane…Its called depression…and at time it can be sheer hell..You are right..Wisdom and logic are the key…The door is you taking YOUR life back. I know you said you got meds..Did they help at all?..You may need some thing different..as sometimes treating deppression is a crap shoot..due to the chemical imbalance.. no 2 drugs work the same with every individual..You have to keep trying to find what will work for you..another thing dont let the Doctors bully you..It usually takes about 3 months to find out if a drug is gonna help or hinder you..If you feel worse or nothing changes, then let them know…have them change the meds..if they don’t..Find a new DR!..Wonder, It is possible to take your life back.. You just need to find what works for YOU..Be Well my friend..


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Thanks Gina. Things are looking up and the meds are working, so perhaps everything will work out after all.

    Thanks for posting.



  3. MajorTal says:

    I see you’ve been reading your Buddhist books….ah the world of ending suffering….who are you currently reading?


  4. WonderGoon says:

    I’m currently reading Practical Meditation with Buddhist Principles by Venerable Thubten Lhundrup. Very interesting read. It came in a set with a meditation DVD.



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