The Unfolding Mysteries

In my, admitedly, short time researching Wicca and Shamanism, I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, I should mix in a little of Bhuddism as well. I am very attracted to the idea of self-enlightenment; a basic non-relience on outside entities. I think this last comes from an. . . uncertainty. . . concerning religion and “godly” figures. Do they exist? Are they real or the clever creation of politically minded fools bent on controlling the population?

Some would argue faith comes into play here, and they are right. But faith does not explain the existence, the origin, of the Gods. Faith is the superstition of sheep, someone once said.

Does this mean I no longer believe in the Gods? No. It simply means I have released my desire, and ceased my search for a patron deity. My view is this, if such a being wishes to contact me, it shall, and should be! on it’s own terms.

This, of course, means I am no longer truly Wiccan. I’ve always considered myself an Ecclectic, not just in religious issues alone, mind. A fact that was not lost on my brother, who said to me, “WonderGoon, you have an unique outlook on life.” I was very proud of this statement. Not because I had achieved a greater stance or outlook in the Universe than he, but because, for once, no one was belittling my beliefs. I did feel empowered.

I don’t know how much success (if I can be allowed to apply that term) I will have with Buddism, but I know it make a lot more sense than some other religions I’ve tried.

In writing this, I suddenly came to the realization that I must, once again, redefine what my beliefs are. If you’ve ever read this blog from the very beginning, you’ll have noticed a post (my second one, actually) called “Looking Inward or Defining the Goonery Tradition.” Read it here: In it, I defined just what it was I believe in. Upon further review, and much rethinking, I no see it is time to publish a redefinition of this infamous (okay, not really) list.


1.) Everyone has the right to believe as they wish.
2.) Every living thing (not just humans) has free will.
3.) All living things have the right to life; and to live that life as they see fit.
4.) Each person has the right to choose who to love and how.
5.) Everyone has the right to alter their bodies as they see fit. Especially if such alteration makeS their lives more bearable.
6.) Everyone has the right to happyness, regardless of the form said happyness takes.
7.) I believe peoples actions and behaviors dictate and demonstrate their chracter. Only when their words and actions align do you see the real person.
8.) Everyone has opinions and everyone has the right to express said opinions UNLESS and UNTIL they become verbally abusive, in which case they forefit said right, as well as the right to compain about it.
9.) I am within Divinity, as Divinity is within me. I am a part of the Divine, as is everyone else. Together we make up the Greater Divinity.
10.) I am guided by wiser elements of the Greater Divinity, be they animal totems or prophets.
11.) Love is the greatest power in the Universe. It can blunt swords and repel invasions. But, more importantly, it brings us together as people, and allows us to grow within Divinity.
12.) We are all on a spiritual journey and everyone progresses at their own pace.
13.) Your actions reverberate throughout history and into the Universe. Baleful action will be visited back upon you threefold. Take care of your Karma.
14.) There is beauty in all things, even people.
15.) What lies beneath is the true face.
16.) Suffering exists.
17.) There is a cause for suffering.
18. Suffering can be stopped.
19.) Through logic, we grow in wisdom.
20.) Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
21.) The ethical life is the wise life.
22.) Children are our future and should not be harmed for any purpose (unless no other choice is possible.)

I also want to add the following to this list, but I cannot claim ownership of the words you will read here. These were written in a post by bflydad on Pagan Nation. Here is the original post for those who wish to read the conversation in context: A lot of what bflydad wrote struck a chord within me and stuck with me.

The following is my understanding of Wicca (I consider myself an eclectic Wiccan). I would like to know of any additions/ deletions/ changes that people think on this:

It core tenets are:
1. The Wiccan Rede
2. The Rule of 3.

Its beliefs are:
1. Divinity is immanent (present everywhere) and transcendent (exists separately).
2. A co-equal God and Goddess. The Goddess is eternal and is the creatrix of life. The God is cyclical and embodies the passage of time and the wheel of life.
3. Nature is to be venerated
4. We are all spiritual beings and thus connected w/ divinity
5. We are all able to communicate directly with divinity. We can all be our own High Priests and Priestesses.
6. Reincarnation in some form
7. We are responsible for our own actions

Its practices include:
1. Celebration of 8 Sabbats occurring on the Quarters and Cross Quarters of the Solar Year. These Sabbats are celebrated in community and venerate the Wheel of Life.
2. Celebration of 8 Esbats occurring on either the full or new moon. These Esbats celebrate Inner Work and Growth.
3. Incorporation of beliefs and tenets into daily actions
4. Some form of mysticism, i.e. communicating with the divine through meditative and/or ecstatic practices.
5. Practice of magick (or witchcraft) which is the art of altering consciousness to better link with the spiritual word with the intention of causing change in the physical world.
6. Rituals performed to celebrate the esbats (and often the sabbats) include Grounding and Centering, Casting a Circle, Calling the Quarters, Invoking (Inviting) the God and Goddess, the work of the ritual (thanks giving, healing, magick), Thanking the God and Goddess, Banishing (Opening) the Circle, Cakes and Wine (Grounding) [parenthetical notes are my words]
7. Divination – this can take many forms and may include as examples tarot, runes, I-Ching, pendulum, and astrology.
8. At one time, political/ ecological activism

There are also several things that I do not consider explicitly part of Wicca that I include in my own path:
1. Tolerance and acceptance of alternative paths
2. The Nine Noble Virtues
3. The importance of Family and Community
4. Making home a holy place and sanctuary

When I asked bflydad what the Nine Noble Virtues were, he was kind enough to respond with the following:

The NNVs come from Germanic paths. They are a modern invention that was culled from the Eddas. So while there is no reason to believe that ancient Germanic Pagans would have known anything by the name of the NNVs, there is every reason to believe that they practiced them.

The Nine Noble Virtues are (commentaries mine):
Courage – being afraid and doing it anyway
Truth – don’t lie or misprepresent
Honor – your word is the one thing that can never be taken away;
do what you say you will
Fidelity – be true to those you call friends and family
Discipline – “slow and steady wins the race” – even if it isn’t fun
Hospitality – w/o endangering yourself, help others, make others feel welcome
Self-Reliance – you are the one person you can always count on; be able to take care of yourself,
Industriousness – work hard and do a good job
Perseverance – don’t quit

So what do I believe? This pretty much sums it up.

As always, opinions are welcome.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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