Why Don’t You Take A Shut The Fuck Up Pill?

Sometimes I just want to tell people to shut the fuck up, and while you’re at it, shut your kids up as well. I mean, honestly.

We were in a grocery store today. The store was not overly crowded, but enough people to make me nervous and to make me look over my shoulder every few seconds. A paranoid habit I picked up somewhere.

What really pissed me off was the parents in the store letting their children run rampant, screaming at the tops of their lungs. The “parents,” meanwhile, were, apparently, standing around with their thumbs lodged right up their fat asses not doing damn thing to stop the little howler monkeys from screeching.

You might get the impression I don’t like kids. Well, I don’t. Not really. I mean, some of them are OK. But the ones that run all over their parents, who scream and yell in public and treat their parents like so much shit, I don’t have any respect for them or their so-called parents.

We finally got through the check-out line and got home.

Another incident occured at Borders at our local mall, last night. A group of tennagers were hanging around the bathrooms (why, I’m not entirely clear on). They kept setting off the alarms (Borders has a anti-theft machine similar to the one near the two entrances), I guess to see if they could fool it.

Anyway, when the machine would go off, they would laugh, wait for it to stop making noise, then set it off again. It was some perverse “entertainment” for them. I just do not understand.

What is it with kids these days? More to the point, what’s up with the parents of these kids? Are children really only a status symbol, a physical representation of a working labido? “I have bred. See? My child. I am viril. Worship me.” Is this the mentallity we really want as a society?



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8 Responses to Why Don’t You Take A Shut The Fuck Up Pill?

  1. gina says:

    Kid’s now days have a peculiar sense of entitlement..not sure if parents are to blame for this or what they see on T.V. which in my opinion is also the parents fault..too much internet, too much T.V. (watch some of the comercials and see what I mean..) Too little discipline and setting values for children..For children learn by what they see..especially from their parents then from friends then from the media..depending on the order.. but you get my meaning..As for shopping..I can feel my anxiety level go up as I type these words. I hate going shopping to have some one’s child pushing their cart into the back of my legs…then act like it’s not their kid..1 time I’ve actually seen a mother leave her newborn baby in the cart by herself while mom went to fetch a gallon of milk 2 rows away..the mother spoke only spanish. So my choice words were lost on her..(Believe me they were choice too!) Today some parents just dont value their children enough to instill values in them, I’m sorry to say..I hate to think that this is a sign of the times..


  2. MajorTal says:

    Gah, I’d have had a knot jerked into my head if I had played-up in the store as a child. Yet when it comes to Anya, if it is just the two of us, she behaves, but if her Da is there, then she knows she can get away with murder, and I just let her run loose, and he chases her. Yeah I guess I fall into the category of the crappy parent when He’s with us!LOL! But he caves so easily for her!!LOL! To place emphasis on astrology, he is the typical Cancer father, who wants to be the “best friend” and the “cool dad” to his children. And I am the Stiff-upper lipped Virgo who isn’t going to take any shit, and would rather you cry and learn a lesson than go out into the world unprepared. Ha ha…oh well oh hell….
    And Gina, I so totally agree that it does fall onto the parents who aren’t instilling hard discipline, but alot do feel that they will get into trouble with their local DCS if they discipline their children in public as abusive!


  3. WonderGoon says:

    Gina- Unfortunately it is a sign of the times. I agree it is the peer pressure, media, and the sheer lack of attention given to children by their parents. And Iknow not all kids/parents are this way, but the majority I encounter in this town are.

    It just makes me sad to think of our future.

    Anywho, thanks for commenting.



  4. WonderGoon says:

    MajorTal- My parents were the same way. We could talk and do a little running around, but not a lot, and not to a level where we would embarrass our parents.

    Now I do think kids should be allowed to run, jump, skin their knees, and learn a hard lesson every once in a while. But do they have to do it IN the f****n store?!?

    Bah! Enough.

    People will raise thier children as they see fit, without any interference from me. As it should be, I guess.

    Thanks for commenting.



  5. gina says:

    Majortal- there were 2 capricorns, 2 cancers and 1 virgo in the household..when my kids were growing up..the 2 crabs were usualy clashing claws over something, (oldest son and daughter.)which of course drove the goats crazy..now they get along great,,go figure..lol As for discipline..Law is in the state of cali..You CAN paddle their butts with the flat of your hand.


  6. Solstice says:

    Just a comment from a parent… Kids can’t help it. They do as they’ve been taught. It’s the responsibility of the parent to either a) control the child or b) leave. For parents to ignore said behaviour (rather than removing said child or dealing with them) gives me the impression that the parents simply don’t care and allow their children to act in that obnoxious manner as a matter of course. That being the case- one can hardly blame the children for their parents inability or refusal to do their job. 😦

    All that to say- feel sorry for the kids, don’t blame them. It’s not their fault their parents are slackers. 😦


  7. Solstice says:

    (mutters something about it being necessary to obtain licenses to drive and to fish but not to breed.) *wanders off to brew more coffee*


  8. WonderGoon says:

    Oh, hey Solstice, I agree 1000%! The parents do need to control their kids and, more importantly, TEACH THEM TO BE BETTER PEOPLE instead of letting the TV do the babysitting.

    I appriciate your input. Thanks.


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