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Random Update

Things are normal. Still on chemicals for SAD with a mood stabilizer. Want to be on chems for ADHD, since that’s the main problem. But, since I have an ******* for a doc, it will be some time before I … Continue reading

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The Unfolding Mysteries

In my, admitedly, short time researching Wicca and Shamanism, I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, I should mix in a little of Bhuddism as well. I am very attracted to the idea of self-enlightenment; a basic non-relience on outside … Continue reading

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New Meds

Yay!! I’m on new meds. I went to a psychiatrist and got some new meds for my Social Anxiety Disorder. He also put me on a mood stablizer, so hopefully, this will help me to be in public a little … Continue reading

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Bleh. Bleh is my new word. It perfectly describes my feelings right now. My moods have been getting worse and worse, to the point of thinking I need some form of anti-depressent. I do not, however, want to become a … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Take A Shut The Fuck Up Pill?

Sometimes I just want to tell people to shut the fuck up, and while you’re at it, shut your kids up as well. I mean, honestly. We were in a grocery store today. The store was not overly crowded, but … Continue reading

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