A Special Moment

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time (or have read through the archives), you may have come across an entry entitled “My First (Parrot) Kiss.” It it I described a visit to a local Pagan/Metaphysical store called Bewitched Books and Gifts.

Today, my mother and I went to this store. Mom is not a Pagan, though she is best described as Pagan Friendly. She enjoys ghost hunts and such. This was the first time we had gone to such a shop together.

Mom really seemed to connect with Jennifer, the owner/operator of the shop. They talked about all the ghost tours they have starting in September. It was a really cool visit.

The shop is moving to a new location and currently they are having a big sale. I got a very nice set of Japanese swords (the katana, the wakazashi, and a smaller blade; I’m not sure of the actual term for the smaller sword, so if anyone knows, please let me know.) as well as picking up an anniversary gift for my wife.

Unfortunately, the parrot was no longer there. 😦 I was looking forward to seeing the bird again. Perhaps he will be at the new shop.

Here is a portion of the original blog entry on Bewitched Books and Gifts for those who are interested.

[. . . ]
The other shop we visited was called Bewitched Books and Gifts. This shop was smaller in terms of what it offered, but much larger in floor space than found in Crystal Pathways. They sell herbs of all descriptions, along with books (both used and new; I picked up a used copy of The Practical Pagan by Dana D. Eilers and a new copy of Wicca for One: The Path of Solitary Witchcraft by Dr. Raymond Buckland for a resonable price.)

They also carry stones of various types (but there selection is not as diverse or large as Crystal Pathways’). The shop is shortly to be moving to another city nearby called Douglasvile, which is actually closer to where we live than its current location, so that’s a plus.

For those interested, the address for Bewitched Books and Gifts is (at least until 1 September, as indicated by the lady who works there):

Bewitched Books and Gifts
415 Main Street
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Both shops are ones I will be visiting again. The staffs at both shops are friendly and seem like they really want to talk with you about whatever comes up. Plus, and I just think this is cool as beans, Bewitched Books and Gifts has a parrot who gives kisses. Today was the first time I was ever kissed by a parrot. He gripped my lower lip with his beak (weird feeling) and I held him on my right hand briefly; the first time I’ve ever done that.
[. . . ]

Peace and Joy to you.


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2 Responses to A Special Moment

  1. Freekee Drew says:

    The smaller blade is called a Tanto.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Thank you Freekee.


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