No, I’m not responding to a German request for my surrender. I am refering to the nuts squrriels gather. “Why, oh why are you doing that WonderGoon?” I can hear you asking me. Well, I’ll tell you.

I have a lot of squrriels living near my house. (No wonder as I live in the woods.) They meander around my yard looking for whatever squrriels look for when they meander, when one of them stopped what he or she was doing and looked right at me. Freaky. I had made no noise or sudden movements, and, in truth, I was going about my business and ignoring the little bugger, when I glanced over and saw him/her staring intently at me like I owed him/her $100!

I did a double-take and locked eyes with the critter in question. We stood there, oh, for five-six minutes, just staring at each other like long lost lovers. When it was over, I sort of shrugged and went about my depressingly boring day.

I’d thought I’d share it here for those that wish to read about my “exciting” life.



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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to NUTS!

  1. I love Squirrels!
    When I lived in Great Lakes, there were all these tiny black ones, that were absoutly adorable!

    Sadly, I live in Italy for the time being, and there are no squirrels here, 😦 .
    (but my dad sends me little stuffed animal ones to keep me company!) :lovely dad:
    And so, I guess my point is… enjoy your squirrels…
    hee hee.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Hi Peri! Yeah, squrriels are great. They are always on my car or running around the yard when I go outside.

    Thanks for posting in my blog. 🙂


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