The Gambler, the Animal Abuser, and the Egomaniac

What’s wrong with the world of sports right now? The current controversies for those who don’t regularly follow either the NBA, NFL, or MLB is/are the following:

From the NBA:

An NBA referee by the name of Tim Donaghy is accused of gambling on basketball games. I don’t know the full story on this, as I don’t really follow the NBA in anyway. I only mention it because it relates to sports and the general topic of this blog entry. Feel free to ignore my rantings on this subject.

For some more information, read the following: href=””

The NFL:

Michael Vick. Michael Vick. Michael Vick. What can I say about Michael Vick’s character that hasn’t already been said by his actions? For those not In The Know, Mr. Vick stands accused of dog fighting. He, ahem, allegedly organized a dog fighting ring in Virginia. Because I live in the Atlanta area, and because Mr. Vick plays for the Atlanta Falcons, our local news has been covering this story for many days now. They showed a, thankfully, brief clip of the aftermath of one of the dog fights. One of the pit bulls faces was bleeding and the poor thing was shaking in FEAR. The dog clearly did not want to participate in the fight, but had no choice.

On a positive note to this case, virtually ALL of the sponsors of Mr. Vick’s have dropped him. Stores that sell jersey’s with Mr. Vick’s name on them have sent back the inventory. This is a good thing. I believe his merchandise has also been pulled off of the NFL’s online store, if I am not mistaken.

I do not hold high hopes, however, that Mr. Vick will suffer any long term penalties from his alleged actions. This country is nortorious for allowing current and former sports stars to walk free, even after overwhelming evidence to support their guilt. (O.J. Simpson, anyone?)

My prediction on the sentence, should Mr. Vick be found guilty, of course, will be something like a $5,000 fine and 20 hours of community service with time served if he signs autographs for some charity.

It’s a sad affair, but its our judicial system at work.

From MLB:

Barry Bonds. Like Michael Vick, what can I say about Barry Bonds’ character that his actions do not already reveal? He is endlessly truculant with the media, does not speak publicly about the acusations against him, and seemingly does not care about anything, except what happens in Barryland.

Now don’t get me wrong. Anyone who can hit 754 home runs (as of this writing) in no slouch at playing the game of baseball. Truly. However, that said, IF, and I stress the word IF here, Mr. Bonds has used performence enhancing drugs, as many think, then he should not be the home run king of major league baseball.

Interestingly enough, on an ESPN broadcast last night (2 Aug 2007) of a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, actor John Lovits said he knew seven years ago that Bonds was taking steroids, that Commishoner Selig knew of the drug use, and that Seligs pursual of Bonds was “crap.”

To Erin Andrews’s credit, (she was interviewing Mr. Lovits), she simply held the microphone so Mr. Lovits could speak at his leisure. A revealing interview, neh?

Now, I want stress this: All of these men are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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