Interesting Find

I was digging around on the internet and found the following website: This site is from Chick Publications. You know, the little pamphlets with titles like “Dark Dungeons,” the only one I’ve read. It’s about how playing Dungeons & Dragons is a gateway to devil worship.

Folks, I’ve played D&D (in one form or another) since 1982. Not once, NOT ONCE, did I ever attend any sort of devil worship session. I grew up playing D&D and I will continue to play D&D.

Incidently, my playing of D&D did not lead me to Wicca. I came to my spiritual path all on my own, thank you very much. To me, the two are exclusive of one another.

But back to my point. The publisher of Chick Publications, Jack Chick, apparently knows John Todd (who is connected with Gavin and Yvonne Frost and Issac Bonewitts.) Interesting, eh?

Give it a read. And let me say this about Mr. Chicks statements; While I feel Gavin and Yvonne Frost have allegedly performed criminal actions in regards to child molestation, I don’t believe that they are responsible for any assassination attempts on John Todd’s life. This seems to be a fantasy of Mr. Chicks.

More likely to me is that the attempt was carried out by a radical Christian who thought God would reward him for living up to the Biblical passage “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

That said, I offer the link as an interesting point in the continuing dialouge concerning the Frosts.

As usual, opinions are welcome.


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2 Responses to Interesting Find

  1. Jodi_K says:

    Hi Goon,
    Linking the D&D RPG to devil worship has been going on since it’s beginnings. The church I attended as a kid preached this and my mother warned me of the ‘dangers’ of playing as well. It’s been years since I’ve played, but when I did I didn’t feel particularly inclined to worship the devil either. LOL.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Hi Jodi! Yeah, I know all about the fear of devil worship in D&D. It baffles me that these people can’t see that it’s just a bunch of geeks sitting around a table munching pizza and rolling weird shaped dice. But I guess their main concern is that gamers aren’t praising Jesus when playing.

    Oh well. Thanks for posting in my blog.



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