Drummin’ Up Something Special

Tonight, I went to a drum circle.

I went with My Bride and a friend named Michelle. I’d never been to a drum circle before and really did not know what to expect. If you’ve never been to one, let me try to paint a picture for you of what it was like. Picture this:

In a low area surrounded by gently sloping hills, is a firepit. the firepit sits in the middle of a flat plain of dirt and sand. The hills are graduated with rock stairs and long stone benches. At the top of the hill is an open area where the fire-eaters work their own brand of magick.

All around the sloping hills, sit people. Some are dressed in normal, everyday, street clothes. Some are dressed in colorful outfits designed to draw the eye to the shaplier parts of thier dancing bodies. Some are only partially dressed; some lack shoes and socks, others shirts. Every hue and shape of humanity is present. Acceptance is the watch word of the moment. The sound is fierce as the drums of all sizes and shapes roar deep into the Atlanta night. The very ground is brought to near shaking by the thunderous cacophany.

A noise even the Gods themselves must enjoy.

With a blazing fire, and the cool, refreshing drip of Life from Father Sky, the energy raised is only positive, only pure. The music created by mostly strangers, connected in the web of life only by their mutual love for percussion and free thinking, brings one’s soul into bittersweet harmony with the Universe.

While the event was not a Pagan event, per se, it very much had the “feel” of such an event. I felt a rush of energy, one would have to be psychicly blind not to notice the charged atmosphere being generated in such a place.

The drum circle is held every two weeks in Little Five Points, a suburb of Atlanta, on Arizona Street. An organization owns and maintains the land for a trust. This is how it was explained to me. Admission is $1.00 if you are planning to drum or dance; otherwise it’s $5.00. I didn’t dance (as I cannot; I look like a wounded bull elephant with two left feet and a case of being dead when I dance. A corpse moves more than I do on a dance floor.) but I did drum a little.

If you live in the Atlanta area, you should come out to the drum circle. It was an interesting experience.


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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to Drummin’ Up Something Special

  1. Sangathor says:

    Everyone should go to a Drum Circle or two in their lifetime. Better yet, get a drum and go to a Drum Circle. I play in a few of them a month and love it. I always bring two Djembes, cause there always is a spectator who dreams to be a participant. 🙂


  2. WonderGoon says:

    Hey Sangathor. Thanks for commenting in my blog. As to the drum circle, I think I would like to go again, but this time, actually drum some more than I did last time. My wife wants to get a drum for herself. Can you recommend a particular drum?



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