AJ Drew, who for those who found this site from outside of Pagan Nation, set all this up for us, gave me a great compliment.

AJ Said:

Dude, your blog rocks!

There is more to what he said, and you can find his comments here: href=”″

I just wanted to respond here, mainly because his comments moved me. I wanted to express the following:

In our society, we are all motivated by our personal needs. Most of the time we don’t see that our personal needs, our actions, and our words impact others around us. I think several things contribute to this way of thinking.

The chief among these is the speed at which we live our lives. Everything in our society (and I am speaking of American society, as I am American) is based around the need for speed. We drive fast cars, eat fast food, expect fast service, use high speed internet connections (how many reading this right now are using a DSL or a Cable modem?), and we expect others around us to move at the same blazing fast speed that we move at. We even get our news in short eight-second sound bites and a ticker at the bottom of the screen.

When I was a kid, life seemed slower. I never remember the adults I was around complaining about “not having enough time” or “there never being enough hours in the day” to get everything done. Things were slower, I think, than they are now.

I’m not sure what contributes to this, perhaps it’s shorter attention spans. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Our lifespans seem to be getting longer, but our lives are getting shorter. No one has time to stop and enjoy life. They are always on the move to ‘get to the next exit’ or the ‘destination,’ whereever that happens to be.

So, when AJ took the time to stop his life long enough to tell me he thought my blog rocks, I felt honored that I could have an impact, however small, on someone elses life.

It’s all to easy in this day and age of ‘anonymous internet’ to say whatever you like to someone and not feel any remorse about pissing someone off. It’s a breath of fresh air to be told that someone likes what you write.

Ah, feel the breeze. Thanks, AJ. Feel free to stop by anytime. You will always be welcome at the House of Goonery.



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2 Responses to Compliments

  1. Kim says:

    I think it’s because we try to squeeze a lot more into our lives now and we have to make sacrifices to do it. Just look at the issue of working mothers, a few generations ago that was very unusual, now it’s almost expected.

    We are expected to do a lot more, and we expect more of others too. There are millions of items demanding our time in any given moment and with the extention of trading hours, we can spend more and more of our day our of our homes.

    Personally, I relish the ability to do 10,000 things in a day as it means I can achieve much more than I could otherwise. We are slowly simplifying thing though, as we get older which is a nice feeling. I think it will be interesting to see how long the world can maintain these speeds and if in fact, life will get faster before it gets slower.


  2. WonderGoon says:

    I just hope it does not get so fast as to burn itself up in the process.

    Thanks for commenting.


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