The Fellowship of Friends (They Have Rings, Too!)

Tonight my wife and I got together with two of my oldest friends for a round of character generation for a role-playing game called Rolemaster. I’ve not seen either of them for nigh on twelve years. They also introduced me to their children (who are adorable.)

As children go, they were extremely well behaved and polite. Most children I’ve encountered around here are loud, taxing to be around, and generally obnoxious. These two were the polar opposites of this. It was very refreshing.

NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

“Travis” created an Alchemist, while “Cinthia” decided on a Fighter. My Bride, “Lucy” went for a Rouge. The why’s and wherefores of the characters are not really important here.

What is important is, after twelve years of no contact, we all connected very well. My Bride had never met these two before so it was a totally new group to her. Everyone got along very well and plans were laid for future gaming.

So, there you have it. Much fun was had and now I get to plot and plan their adventures, all the while giggling fiendishly in the dark and making my wife nervous. But, that’s normal anyway. 🙂



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