The Goon Goes to War

No. I’m not going to Iraq.

I am going to write a nice letter to Borders and ask them to remove Gavin and Yvonne Frosts’ books from the shelf.

My reasoning for this is simple. I can no longer sit around saying I follow the Rede and not take action against people who advocate child molestation and incestual rape. These actions obviously cause harm to the children, thus, logically, they need to stop.

My approach is this: I will start by addressing my concerns to the CEO of Borders (or whomever owns the company). I will tell them that I do not want ALL Wicca books removed from the shelves, simply the ones which promote child rape. I will explain that not all Wiccans are advocating child rape, so they should not worry about all authors.

I will explain that the books should be removed, not on religous grounds, but on the grounds that Borders Incorporated will be opening themselves up to a class action law suit should the books they sell lead to children being raped by their parents. This should motivate them to remove the Frosts’ books.


About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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