Movie Review: Catch & Release

Catch & Release
Starring: Jennifer Garner, Kevin Smith and no one else worth mentioning.
Plot: Girl (Garner, duh!) is engaged to Grady, who is inconsiderate and dies a few days before the wedding. Girl is torn up, but not so torn up to forget about her lost love to screw her lost loves friend (Not Smith) while Kevin Smith wonders around talking about Star Wars and drinking himself to death.
Notes: If not for the presence of Kevin Smith, this film would have been immediately pulled from my DVD player and promptly returned to the video store. Smith carries this film with his wit and acting ability, which overshadows everyone else in the movie combined. Despite this, I would not recommened this film to anyone. Not even a diehard Kevin Smith fan.
Rating: Skip it; Half a Goon out of Five.


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