Looking Inward or Defining the Goonery Tradition

What are my beliefs? When I say “I am a Wiccan.” What does that mean?

Defining Wicca is one of the most difficult things to do because there is so much to choose from. It is the epitome of “religion a la carte.”

The term “Eclectic” seems to apply to me, mainly for the fact I wish to “pick and choose” what I believe in. The trouble, however, is defining just what those beliefs are.

I will begin by listing what I pretty much believe in. Then I will list some things I am on the fence about. Next will follow those things which I know I do not believe in.


1.) Everyone has the right to believe as they wish.
2.) Every living thing (not just humans) has free will.
3.) All living things have the right to life; and to live that life as they see fit.
4.) Each person has the right to choose who to love and how.
5.) Everyone has the right to alter their bodies as they see fit. Especially if such alteration make their lives more bearable.
6.) Everyone has the right to happyness, regardless of the form said happyness takes.
7.) I believe peoples actions and behaviors dictate and demonstrate their chracter. Only when their words and actions align do you see the real person.
8.) Everyone has opinions and everyone has the right to express said opinions UNLESS and UNTIL they become verbally abusive, in which case they forefit the right.
9.) I am within Divinity, as Divinity is within me. I am a part of the Divine, as is everyone else. Together we make up the Greater Divinity.
10.) I am guided by wiser elements of the Greater Divinity, be they animal totems or prophets.
11.) Love is the greatest power in the Universe. It can blunt swords and repel invasions. But, more importantly, it brings us together as people, and allows us to grow within Divinity.
12.) We are all on a spiritual journey and everyone progresses at their own pace.
13.) Your actions reverberate throughout history and into the Universe. Baleful action will be visited back upon you threefold. Take care of your Karma.
14.) There is beauty in all things, even people.
15.) What lies beneath is the true face.

These are my beliefs.

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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